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This is such a touching video! Lives and a special memory saved by a 14 year old girl and a firefighter who knows the value of peoples memories.

The first part of this video shows the dedication, love and honor of a firefighter from Contra Costa County in California.

A family was trying to get out of their burning home, and were assisted by 14 year old Abigail Reiswig, who witnessed the scene unfolding.

When the Fire Department got there the firefighter rushed into the home to do a search and was able to save an American Flag Memorial Kit from the fire for this family.

When he returns it to them you can hear him say, ‘it was my Dads’. and then he hugs the firefighter in such a touching scene… this Flag as it turns out was the burial flag which belonged to his father who was a veteran.

Sharing memories of our loved ones after they are gone is the most important thing we can to do create a legacy for them. Creating a digital legacy for them that can be shared and collect those memories for years to come is a beautiful way to tell their story.

At Eternal Remembrance, our new mobile APP pairs those memories with the GPS locations that were special to them, providing their loved ones and others a walk through their life.

Making memories while we are alive is so important, having others their to share them and create a legacy for us after we are gone is priceless.

Video Credit: @eastcountytoday Here is the link to the original news article

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