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Our Story

Every family can easily connect to celebrate their favorite memories and honor a special life...forever. - Tom McConnell, Founder

Why was Eternal Remembrance Created?

Eternal Remembrance combines beautifully crafted emblems and coins with a brand new innovative mobile memorial APP to create a permanent online legacy to a loved one through shared stories, photos, videos and voice recordings.  We pair these memories with GPS locations creating a walk through their life.

Eternal Remembrance was inspired by the experience of a friend who lost her father in a commercial trucking accident. On the day of his funeral, a convoy of almost 60 trucks paraded past the cemetery to honor this fellow trucker, family man, Marine veteran and community volunteer. The sendoff was very touching and emotional and we wanted a way to tell his story and others like his forever.

We developed Eternal Remembrance so that every family can easily connect with others who remember their loved one, celebrate their favorite memories and honor a special life…forever.

Memorial Pages

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A Treasured Keepsake

Our beautiful emblems are a thoughtful alternative to flowers, providing a permanent tribute. Each emblem is carefully crafted in the United States and bears a symbol chosen by the giver, such as a flag, bird, heart or religious icon. The emblem is mounted on the loved one’s memorial marker, and the family keeps a matching coin and velvet storage bag as a treasured memento. Entering the emblem’s GPS location into the Eternal Remembrance app makes it easy for loved ones around the world to find the memorial for generations to come. Choose from over 30 beautiful themes.

How Eternal Remembrance Works for You

Emblems and Memorials
Emblems are thoughtful keepsakes regardless of whether they are attached to memorials or displayed at home. Each emblem comes with a 3M product so the memento can be mounted permanently on a headstone or other memorial.

Emblems and the App
Families can use the Eternal Remembrance app with or without accompanying emblems. Even if an emblem is not attached to a memorial, the GPS location of the headstone can be added to the app. Users who do not have an emblem can purchase a serial number to create a profile page.

Unique Features
The Eternal Remembrance app allows loved ones to upload written messages, photos and videos, creating a permanent online record of memories that otherwise might be lost. Users can even connect memories with GPS locations so others can find the street where someone lived, the school they attended or even a favorite fishing hole. A digital display can be coordinated for a funeral or memorial service, with comments scrolling live from those who could not attend.

The Best Choice for Virtual Memorials
Although funeral homes often post obituaries on their websites and allow guests to add comments, these virtual tributes are limited in scope and longevity. Facebook memorial pages can be difficult to find, and hackers can destroy treasured information. Eternal Remembrance data is stored securely and permanently on multiple servers, and app users can easily search for a loved one’s information. The person creating a profile can specify privacy levels and invite others to participate.

For Retailers

Eternal Remembrance is a simple solution for florists, funeral homes and cemeteries that would like to offer another option for clients to celebrate the life of a loved one. Our emblems and mobile app can be sold individually or as part of a complete funeral home package. Loved ones can find participating retailers by clicking on our website.

Honoring Fallen Heroes

The Honor Network, a nonprofit dedicated to honoring heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice for family, community, and country offers arranging complete funerals at no cost and covering other expenses. Joining forces, Eternal Remembrance also provides grieving military and first responder families with a complimentary memorial package. Using their APP, with GPS technology, allows the loved one’s life story to live on for generations to come.

Tom McConnell, Founder and CEO of Eternal Remembrance
Chris Heisler, President and Founder of The Honor Network


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