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Emblems and Memorials
Your emblem is designed to be mounted at the site of your loved ones memorial whether it is a headstone, mausoleum vault, urn located anywhere, or even mounted somewhere like a park bench or tree in their honor.  The matching coin can be carried by the family to memorialize and keep them close everyday.

Our Innovative GPS Enabled Memorial App
Families can use the Eternal Remembrance app with or without accompanying emblems. Choosing NOT to mount your emblem anywhere will not affect the GPS enabled memories stored on our mobile APP.

Unique Features
The Eternal Remembrance app allows loved ones to create stories, photos, videos and voice recordings, creating a permanent online repository of memories that otherwise might be lost.  By pairing these memories with the special GPS locations of them, users can create a digital walk through their loved ones life, telling their story for generations.

The Best Choice for Virtual Memorials
Although funeral homes often post obituaries on their websites and allow guests to add comments, these virtual tributes are limited in scope and longevity. Facebook memorial pages can be difficult to find, and hackers can destroy treasured information forever. Eternal Remembrance data is stored securely and permanently on multiple Amazon Web Servers, allowing users to easily search for a loved one’s information. The person creating a profile can specify privacy levels allowing either public or private viewing.  If the memorial page is set to private, only those who are invited or request permission and approved by Admin will be able to see the page content.