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Florist Information

We are super excited that you are ready to help your customers create a special digital walk through of their loved ones life after they have passed away.  Our new innovative Memorial Kits are a very heartfelt and special gift for those who have lost a loved one.

Here are a few things we think that may help you to sell these kits to your customers not only during a loss to a funeral, but also for anyone else who has already gone before us.  Once someone has passed away, all we have left of them are their memories.  Our kits allow the creation of a dynamic and memory rich environment which will serve as an anchor for the life lost.

Creating a meaningful eternal legacy and a digital walk through of a loved ones life has never been easier.  Its amazing to see the stories, photos, videos and hear the voice recordings they have left behind that others may have never even knew existed.

What is included in our Memorial Kits?

  • User Guide / Activation Key
  • Wooden Display Box
  • Emblem & Matching Coin
  • Velvet Bag
  • Remembrance Cards
  • Letter to Funeral Director.


How does our memorial kit work?

A sealed instructional users guide included in the memorial kit easily walks users through creating an interactive memorial page and includes the activation key necessary for setup.

The beautiful wooden box is designed to display the gift at the funeral home or memorial service with the flowers and other gifts or at home in cases of those who have passed away formerly.

Your emblem is designed to be mounted at the site of your loved ones memorial (headstone, mausoleum, urn, or even mounted somewhere like a park bench or tree) in their honor. Please check and follow rules prior to mounting your emblem anywhere. We suggest using a quality two part epoxy available at most hardware stores.

NOTE – Deciding on whether or not to mount your emblem will have no effect on how the mobile APP interacts with any of the stored memories.  The emblem can be displayed at home on a small easel in the case of cremation or when mounting it on their memorial would not be permitted.

The matching coin reflects the design of the chosen emblem and is to be carried or displayed in honor of your loved one.  Additional coins may be ordered on our website for those who also desire one.

Included in the kit is a small velvet bag for storage of your emblem until it is mounted.  Once the emblem is placed or mounted the bag can be used for a special piece of jewelry, rosary beads, etc.

A set of Remembrance Cards are also included to be handed out to those who cannot sign in immediately and want to remember where to share their memories for the family.

What does the mobile / web based APP do?

Eternal Remembrance is a brand new innovative mobile memorial APP to create a permanent online legacy to a loved one through shared stories, photos, videos and voice recordings. We pair these memories with their GPS locations creating a digital walk through their life.

Once the kit is delivered to the family, they can easily setup the memorial page using the User Guide and the Activation Key included within.  The User Guide is ‘SEALED’ and should only be opened by the family when they are ready to set up the page as the key is only valid for a single use.

Others can then find the page on our website to begin sharing their memories of the lost loved one.  It is free for anyone to begin sharing their memories to the family. The memorial page can be set to public or private viewing.  If the settings are set to private, only those who are invited or request permission and approved by the admins of the page can see the stories and photos.

The GPS enabled locations allow the family to store locations that were special to their loved ones memorial and memories. Once they have identified the location of their final resting place you can use the map and locate as closely as you can for the time being until an Admin is in the location and can use the mobile location tool to store it permanently. In addition to their memorial, we offer other locations special to them such as their favorite spot on a beach, hunting spot, fishing hole, hiking trail, where they were engaged / married, etc. The pictures and videos shared on their page can then be assigned to these locations so that our APP can interact with memories nearby.

Chance to sell a sympathy card

When a customer purchases our memorial kit, you have the opportunity to sell a sympathy card to them.  Our memorial display boxes are designed especially to include a standard 5×7 greeting card and envelope.

Future sales / new customers through selling the kit

All of our Memorial Kits are tracked by serial number back to the Florist who sold the kit originally.  Every memorial page will accumulate on average approx 90 users. These users will be notified on dates that are significant to the family such as anniversary of death, birthdays or others of their lost loved one.  In these notifications will be a message asking them to remember the family during these times. Also in these notifications will be a link prompting them to contact you as the preferred florist to send flowers or other gifts to the family.

By selling these kits, you are opening up a whole new customer base and future sales to customers from all over the world who may have never had the opportunity to visit your store.

Benefits of our Memorial Kits for a Funeral Customer

In many cases florists are contacted by family and friends of the deceased to deliver flowers and other gifts to the funeral home.  

This is an opportunity to introduce those customers to the Eternal Remembrance memorial kits.  The memorial kit is a very heartfelt and loving gift to the family of their lost loved one as it allows others to immediately begin sharing memories in many cases they never even knew existed.

Pricing of these kits are generally in line with a bouquet of flowers to be sent to the funeral service but have the means for a higher profit margin and opportunity for future sales through those using the memorial kit.

Our Memorial Kits stand above other gifts that could be sent to the family as they create an experience for the family and friends of their loved one telling their story for generations, creating a legacy and digital walk through of their life.

Included in each kit is an informational letter to the funeral director explaining what the kit is and asking to display it with the other gifts and flowers for the family.

Benefits of our Memorial Kits for a General Sympathy Customer

Our Memorial Kits are not just for delivery to a funeral or memorial service, but can also be purchased for anyone who’s loved one has passed on. They can be purchased by their family or by others and can be given as gifts on dates to show they are thinking of their family during special occasions like anniversary of death, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Veterans Day or their loved ones Birthday.